Sounds from This Island Earth

Here are some sounds I captured from this classic 1955 sci-fi film.
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tie-interociter1.wav - Cal Meacham: What exactly is an Interociter?
Joe Wilson: I don't know, and I don't want to know.

tie-interociter2.wav - Exeter: You have successfully accomplished your task, Dr. Meacham. You've assembled an Interociter, a feat of which few men are capable.

tie-neutron.wav - Ruth Adams: It's only Neutron. We call him that because he's so positive.

tie-transformer1.wav - Brack: If you're so concerned, why don't you let me use the Transformer?
Exeter: The Transformer is not the only answer.
Brack: Well, the Council differs. It says it's infallible.

And here is my photo autographed in 2009 by two stars of T.I.E.: Rex Reason & Russell Johnson (also famous as The Professor on TV's Gilligan's Island). Click for larger size.

tie-transformer2.wav - Brack: That cat! I could...
Exeter: ...put Neutron under the Thought Transformer? Why not, Brack? And perhaps you'd like me to step in with him.

tie-communication.wav - Cal Meacham: Tell me, Exeter. Why should a communication device be equipped with a destructive ray?

tie-metaluna.wav - Ruth Adams: Where are we going?
Exeter: To a planet we call Metaluna.
Cal Meacham: Metaluna?

tie-toothbrush.wav - Cal Meacham: You okay?
Ruth Adams: And you?
Cal Meacham: I feel like a new toothbrush.

tie-zegon.wav - Ruth Adams: Is Zahgon a planet?
Exeter: A planet that was once a comet. As you can see, their spacecraft are actually guiding the meteors against us.

tie-mu-tant.wav - Exeter: This is a Mut-Ant. We've been breeding them here for ages to do menial work.

tie-flashes.wav - Exeter: Those flashes of light... they're meteors. Hundreds of them. The intense heat is turning Metaluna into a radioactive sun.

tie-home.wav - Ruth Adams: Home.
Cal Meacham: Thank God it's still here.

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