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The thirtysomething web community interviews cast members & a writer:
Timothy Busfield (Elliot Weston), who won an Emmy for thirtysomething, interviewed by Bob Fahey Joseph Dougherty, Emmy award winning writer of many excellent episodes, interviewed May 12, 1998  
Timothy Busfield interviewed by Mary Welty Joseph Dougherty interviewed Sept. 14, 1998 Marc Levy (Gus Hennessey in the season 3 ending two-parter) emailed Lisa Stevenson Blackwell

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thirtysomething Scrapbook by Third Story Studios thirtysomething fan forum - moderated by Mary Welty Medium-detail episode guide by Tom Walsh and Audrey DeLisle
thirtysomething page at - includes articles, pix, episode guide - brief synopsis of the show
FTN channel in Britain - thirtysomething page thirtysomething listing at Internet Movie Database's nice one-page summary of the show
WG Snuffy Walden official site - scored thirtysomething & many other shows Did thirtysomething "jump the shark"? - Fans discuss Steadman House Floorplan by Kai Seidler
Good write-up at   thirtysomething page - minimalist but with some useful info has a nice analysis of the show tells who really created the art in Nancy Weston's book "Whose Forest Is This."
thirtysomething-related articles at
thirtysomething write-up Marshall Herskovitz - producer/writer Edward_Zwick - producer/writer
Ken Olin - Michael Steadman Mel Harris - Hope Murdoch Melanie Mayron - Melissa Steadman - won an Emmy for thirtysomething
Timothy Busfield - Elliot Weston - won an Emmy for thirtysomething Patricia Wettig - Nancy Weston - won 3 Emmys for thirtysomething Peter Horton - Gary Shepherd
JD Souther - John Dunaway Polly_Draper - Ellyn Warren Patricia Kalember - Susannah Hart
Corey Parker - Lee Owens Terry Kinney - Steve Woodman Richard Gilliland - Jeffrey Milgrom
Erich Anderson - Billy Sidel David Clennon - Miles Drentell David Marshall Grant - Russell
Paul Haggis - writer - won 2 Emmys for thirtysomething Shirley Knight - Hope's mom - won an Emmy for thirtysomething Peter Frechette - Peter
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