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I have sites/pages for these games:

Bob's Deus Ex Page
Deus Ex - Information on my all-time favorite game
MOOs, MUDs (online roleplaying)
Online Roleplaying - My MOOs & MUDs page
Text Adventures (aka 'interactive fiction')
Text Adventures - aka interactive fiction
Bob's Myst Page
Myst series - My information page & Stoneship map
Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks - Games with references to the legendary cult TV show

...and here are links to other sites

Gamespot - Game news ID Software - makers of Doom and Quake 3DRealms - Makers of the classic Duke Nukem 3D. Then gross incompetence started, they worked on the sequel 12 (YES, TWELVE) years, and finally went out of business in 2009 without releasing it. Valve Software - Makers of the excellent Half-Life games

Wikipedia articles on PC games I liked:

Duke Nukem 3D Doom Doom 3
Carmageddon II Half-Life Half-Life 2
Blood No One Lives Forever Shadow Warrior
Jedi Knight Jedi Outcast Jedi Academy
Max Payne F.E.A.R. Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Redneck Rampage    

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